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New Release!

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verb. turn the think in your head to a thing in your hand

Illustration for 3D modeling


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Brainstorming of ideas.
Whether it is a finalized concept or if you need help bringing your idea to the next stage.

3D Printed figures


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If you have a 3D model, send it to us and we can give you a quote.

3D Model


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We offer 3D modeling services to help take your concept and translate it to a working 3D model that is 3D print ready.

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  • I contacted Thingify after searching for someone to print my upcoming house remodel into a 3D model.

    Ben and team were great to work with, responsive, thorough and detailed.  Pricing was far, communication was excellent.  And the final product turned out great.
    Joe M Yelp Reviewer
  • Brian is very accommodating when it comes to your tight timelines as they also work at the speed of business. On countless occasions, the Thingify team has stepped up to the plate for me and have opened their shop on weekends, days-off, and recent holidays just so I can finish my deliverables and make my project deadlines.
    Hector R Yelp Reviewer
  • INCREDIBLE quality of service. We emailed at least 20 STL files to have printed on Thingify's Objet machine. Billing was seamless and everything was ready for pickup the very next day. The price was great for the high quality parts we received.

    In summary, Thingify's nimble, low-bureaucracy environment made them a pleasure to work with.
    Ismail D Yelp Reviewer
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Your ideas are your ideas. Your data is your data.
Regardless of whether you ask us to or not, we will never use nor share your data without your express permission.

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